**In Loving Memory of Carli**

CarliWith heavy hearts, we bid farewell to our beloved Carli, whose presence filled our lives with an abundance of joy, love, and companionship. From the moment she trotted into our lives, Carli's quirky charm and loving cuddles made each day a treasure.

Carli was more than a pet; she was a faithful friend and an irreplaceable family member. Her unique personality, marked by her playful antics and endearing quirks, brought endless laughter and joy. Whether it was her quirky habits that always made us smile, her warm cuddles on chilly nights, or her unconditional love that provided solace during the toughest times, Carli had an extraordinary way of touching our hearts.

Through the highs and lows, Carli was our steadfast companion, always there to share in our happiness and comfort us in sorrow. Her unwavering loyalty and boundless affection were a constant reminder of the beauty of unconditional love. Her presence was a source of immense comfort and her joyful spirit a beacon of light even in the darkest moments.

As we reflect on Carli’s life, we are filled with gratitude for the countless beautiful memories she gave us. Her playful spirit, comforting presence, and the love she radiated have left an indelible mark on our hearts. Though her physical presence is no longer with us, the warmth and joy she brought into our lives will forever linger in our memories.

Rest peacefully, dear Carli. You have left paw prints on our hearts that will never fade. Your spirit will live on in the love and joy you so generously shared, reminding us always of the simple, profound beauty of true companionship.

You will be deeply missed and forever cherished, my sweet Carli. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you could possibly know.

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